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Archived Articles

December 13, 2103 Beverly Hills Courier: Latke Competition Winners 
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November 6, 2013 Jewish Journal: Bruce Corwin Can't Stop Giving

October 7, 2013 HuffPost Live: What Does it Mean to be Jewish in America

October 2, 2013 Jewish Journal: Affordable Health Care Act Explained

September 24, 2013 Jewish Journal: Cracking Open Our Hearts

September 13, 2013 Beverly Hills Curier: Temple Emauel Renovates

September 3, 2013 Jewish Journal: A Difficult Conversation

August 26, 2013 The Times of Israel: The Shofar's Call, then and now

July 19, 2013 Jewish Journal: And You Will Be A Blessing

July 19, 2013 Jewish Journal: B'nai MItzvah @ 50... and Beyond
July 10, 2013 Jewish Journal: How Best to Honor Diversity
July 8, 2013  The Huffington Post: Gay Marriage: The Journey to a Promised Land of Inclusion

June 7, 2013 The Huffington Post: Civility and Tolerance at Judaism's Holiest Site
June 6, 2013 Jewish Journal: L.A. rabbis urge calm at Kotel
April 19, 2013  Jewish Journal: 17 Years of Rashi
April 18, 2013  Jewish Journal: Weeklong Event Explores Judaism and Wellness
April 16, 2013  The Huffington Post: Death Cafe or Sacred Conversation?
April 10, 2013: Jewish Journal: Healing the broken – Parashat Tazria-Metzora (Leviticus 12:1-15:33)
April 3, 2013: The Huffington Post: What is Enough Freedom?
March 7, 2013  The Huffington Post: The Personal is Political
March 31, 2013 Jewish Daily Forward: Projected Prayers Grow in Popularity as Part of Jewish 'Visual Tefillah' Services
February 27, 2013  Jewish Journal: ‘All That I Am I Will Not Deny’
February 06, 2013 Reform Judaism Magazine: Reimagining Muslim-Jewish Relations
Dec 20, 2012 Jewish Journal: Women Praying to be Heard at the Western Wall
Dec 11, 2012 LA Times: At this Hanukkah Party, A Special Zest for Life
July 23, 2009 Jewish Journal: Shuls Step Up Too
Nov 20, 2008 Jewish Journal: Marriage is a Jewish issue
2008 PBS Doumentary: The Jewish Americans

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